Computer Science & Engineering Department

Course Description

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This course prepares students for a position in the fast paced world of modern computing. It features a mix of practical, hands on instruction in popular programming languages, systems and software, and fundamental computing knowledge. Such a mix not only prepares for excellent placement and job opportunities for students, but also gives them skills to understand today’s rapid changes in technology. The course focuses on the design, implementation and analysis of computer software. Graduates will have experience in software engineering and program design, working in leading programming teams, application software development, network communications software, database design. The practical and in-depth courses in popular topics and immediate appeal for prospective employers. They are exposed to the area of innovative hardware design, modeling & analysis and developing new techniques and algorithm in the fields of data communication systems and wireless networks, signal processing and VLSI design. Students study areas of advanced communication systems, wireless networks, mobile computing, radar engineering, signal processing, low power design, wireless sensor networks, spread spectrum communication systems, redundancy techniques in digital circuits, microwaves and antenna, optical communication and networks.

Career Opportunities

The B.Tech. degree in Computer Science & Engineering provides graduates with deep understanding of the central areas of computing and software development and prepares them for increasing opportunities in programming, system analysis, database management, networking, analyzing or upgrading quality software products across industries and companies.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Design and Engineering
  • Computer Architecture
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Theory
  • Operating Systems and Networks
  • Software Applications


cse project

Ultrasonic Radar Using Arduino by Yuvraj Singh

It uses the ultra sonic frequency to judge the object by emitting the ultra sonic frequency in a direction and the module(HC-SR04) having a reciver sensor also which gives input to the arduino.And by the coding on arduino board is calculate the position of object and show on output display .
Higher Studies Options
B.Tech. (CSE) graduate students can either opt for a job or pursue any of the following programs in higher studies: