Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

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Course Description

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The Electronic and Communication fields represent two of the fastest growing technology areas both locally and internationally. With rapid progress in information technology, role of communications has become even more crucial to increase industry efficiency and competitiveness. The students of Electronic and Communication Engineering cover designing as well as testing of electronic circuits. They are exposed to the area of innovative hardware design, modeling & analysis and developing new techniques and algorithm in the fields of data communication systems and wireless networks, signal processing and VLSI design. Students study areas of advanced communication systems, wireless networks, mobile computing, radar engineering, signal processing, low power design, wireless sensor networks, spread spectrum communication systems, redundancy techniques in digital circuits, microwaves and antenna, optical communication and networks.

Career Opportunities

This course offers tremendous job opportunities in electronics and software companies. All electronic devices controlling programs architected and developed by Electronic and Communication Engineering graduates find opportunities in networking, state run electronic companies, processing, instrumentation, and electronic industries in the MNC and domestic private sector. Employment can also be sought in pristine laboratory environment of fabrication plant and offices of a consulting firm, research and development. They can also work in Indian Army, Airforce, All India Radio and other allied companies.

  • Airforce
  • All India Radio
  • Instrumentation Firms
  • General Electronics Firms
  • Indian Army
  • Research and Development
  • Robotics and Automation


Higher Studies Options
B.Tech. (ECE) graduate students can either opt for a job or pursue any of the following programs in higher studies: