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Course Description

"Love playing with Gadgets..."

Electrical Engineering has a very broad scope with the science and technology, which involves electricity, electronics & electromagnetism in order to design, constructs and maintains products, services and information systems. Electrical Engineering is a branch that deals with the field associated with power transmission and motor control. It aims at producing electrical engineers with sound knowledge in all the subjects of electrical engineering such as machines and power systems, mathematics, engineering physics, analogue and digital signal processing, etc. along with a strong background in applied electronics and computer applications.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can expect to find employment with power utilities, power generation companies, electrical gadget development units, machinery and equipment industry. The job opportunities galore from Global Positioning System to electric power generation, electrical engineers contribute to the development of a wide range of technologies. They design, develop, test and supervise the deployment of electrical systems and electronic devices. They work on the design of telecommunication systems, the operation of electric power stations, the lighting and wiring of buildings, the design of household appliances and the electrical control of industrial machinery.

  • Airforce
  • All India Radio
  • Instrumentation Firms
  • General Electronics Firms
  • Indian Army
  • Research and Development
  • Robotics and Automation


"Wireless Automatic SPY CAM Robotic Car" , a project made by Bhisham Pal, B.Tech, EE, 7th Sem under the guidance of Ms Vineeta Choudhary.
Higher Studies Options
B.Tech. (Electrical) graduate students can either opt for a job or pursue any of the following programs in higher studies: