Language Lab Facility

Language Lab

Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. If one wants to reach out to people, he or she has to speak their language. The English language, in particular, has become essential in the lives of young people who aspire towards their careers anywhere in the world. English language learning has therefore become a must for any Indian student today. Language learning is not the same as learning any other subject. It is not confined to writing an examination and getting a degree or award. The four skills of reading, writing,listening and speaking have to be practiced. Being able to communicate well is the most important factor when seeking a placement in a company. Here, the language lab plays an important role in the language learning process. Language lab at SDIET serves as a technological aid for learning, as it has a number of advanced software (Like LTS) that can help a student to learn a language with proficiency to communicate.